this is what u call 2009

i got this from messages my friends sent…quite real and funny..

you know you living in 2009 when….1. you accidently enter ur password on the microwave

2. havent played solitaire with the real cards

3. sent email to the person who works at the desk next to you

4. your reason for not staying in touch with ur family and friends is that they’re not having email address

5. every commercial on the television having the website address at the bottom of the screen

7. leaving the house without the phonecell make u got panic attack and driving back to home to get it

8. wake up in the morning and go on line before take a coffee

9. start tilting ur head sideaways to smiling 🙂

10. u reading this and nodding and laughing

11. you are too busy to notice that there were no #6

12. you actually scrolled back up and check that there werent#6



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