life always made up of 2 side

i got this quote from my fren,,n i like it,,thank fauzanziela.

we are just an ordinary couple.made up of 2 sweet person..still, with flaws here and there..our story isn’t like fairytales. .we laugh and we quarell. But, this is our life & we are happy ’bout it..coz we love each other very much!

abiiiii,,,udah kangen niy,,padahal sehari pisah aja belum ya,,beginilah efek klo kelamaan bareng (2 minggu bersama lho-jadi masa bersama paling lama selama magang 5 bulan ini-),,jadi ada rasa “terbiasa bersama”,,dan klo kebiasaan itu tiba-tiba harus berubah,,maka wajar klo ada rasa kehilangan.

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