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Flower and Pearl

One day, a brilliantly beautiful and fragrant flower with attractive colors met a pearl that lives far in the bottom of the sea and has none of these characteristics. Both got acquainted with each other. Continue reading


Broken Heart

Do you know broken heart can make you stronger and tougher??
You only need to manage yourself facing toward those critical phase, keep contact with your family and going hang out with your best friend. And remember, only one people can tearing your heart, but more people will be mending your heart.

It’s unfair if you get loss only by one person and forget other that loved you so much.


    Cintailah dia yang mampu membuatmu mencintai-Nya, Karena cintaNya akan membuat cintamu dan cintanya tertaut abadi hingga cinta kalian dipertemukan di dalam jannahNya.