Bento, I’m In Love

BENTO, I’M IN LOVE!! heard like a title of an Indonesian’s movie,but this is true,,at this time i feel falling in love with Bento.

Bento?what is that?maybe from some people they will remember about japanese fastfood restaurant. But that is not what i mean.Based on Wikipedia, Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine.

I’m start falling in love with bento about a month ago, when @AyahBunda magazine held a class about How To Making Bento with Lia Chen @bentolicious. But, unfortunately i got late the info so couldn’t attend the class, just watching the the class’ progress via @AyahBunda tweets’. And from that moment, when i watched bento that has been made by Lia Chen, oh, that’s so kawai (pretty). i thought that would gonna be fun to serve lunch for my hubby not just as usual lunch in the lunch box. it will gonna be good if i have a lil’ decorate in it. so that, i start learn how to make bento.

mostly i learn from Lia Chen’s blog, and follow twitter of other bento-maker-mom..they are so inspiring and so full of creative-minds. little by littles i collect stuff needed to make bento and learn step by step how to make a good and attractive one. so far, i have made some of bento for my hubby lunch.

i most interesting with kyaraben (bento character) and oekakiben (picture bento) that is decorated lunch with character (anime,manga, etc) or other picture like animal, flower, buildings or moments. i thing that’s cute and challenge my creativity ^_^

i know at first it’s not an easy job. you have to wake up earlier than before to prepare all things, prepare the food and make some decoration on it and also have to make it in time so hubby can take it to his office. But lately, i enjoy it so much. i got good progression in making it, and also i learn a lot, especally from Lia Chen’s blog. Now, i’ve learnt about how to make an egg sheet. that is so useful for making kyaraben and oekakiben.

c’mon,,i hope i can be expert in it for my hubby and my children in the future. it can stimulate their apetite ^^


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