Bento Addict

i just read Lia Chen’s blog at and found out that she is really a bento-addict. she has been collected all cute stuff for bento-making. it’s turn out that we need a lot of stuff for making a nice-cute-good looking bento. where i can buy that stuff?

several stuffes i noted from Mrs. Lia’s blog vic:

  • Rice mold
  • Egg mold
  • Punchers
  • Food picks
  • Nori cutter
  • Cutter sets
  • Bread molds (if you want to make some snack-bento)
  • Food cups
  • Soy sauce container
  • some decorative stuff like shaper knife, melon baller, hole maker
  • and of course Bento Box

wow,,what a lot stuff you need, right.  i just only have cutter sets and food picks. still need a lot other stuff if i want being another Bento addict like her ^_^.


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